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After an extensive crawl through the attic and under the house Baier determined that the existing flexible ducting was damaged beyond repair. Baier recommended first eliminating the infestation and then bring them back to replace the flexible ducting with new hard ducts.

After a significant battle that eventually ended with lots of dead rats, we called Baier back to perform the work.

On budget, and over the course of 4 days, Baier removed all the existing flexible duct work throughout the attic and under the house. They also rid those spaces of the traps and rats creating a clean space to perform the work. They installed all new hard metal ducting that will provide greater efficiency and ward off any possibility of future unwanted guests reeking such havoc.

Baier did such a great and careful and conscientious job — even throwing in a little freebie at the end. The technician was a joy to have around too.


I should be trying to sleep for work tonight, but felt I needed to write a quick note to say ‘thanks’ to you guys for everything. This level of customer service, personal attention and professionalism speaks volumes to Katrina and I about the tremendous care you truly have for your clients. We really appreciate it. Thanks again and keep up the excellent work!


Isaac and Katrina